The Ultimate Sacrifice

"Every day, New Jersey State Troopers put their lives on the line in the name of Honor, Duty and Fidelity. The New Jersey State Troopers take pride in their responsibility to uphold the laws of the state, and in their mandate to protect the safety of every New Jersey citizen. May the names of those valiant Troopers who have given their lives in the line of duty always remain in our memories as a reminder of the continuing commitment to the Code of Honor."

1996 - 2016

Lieutenant William G. Fearon
#5147    1967-2016
Trooper Frankie L. Williams
#7953    1985-2016
Trooper Sean Cullen
#7594    1985-2016
Trooper Eli McCarson
#7775    1985-2015
Trooper Anthony Raspa
#7425    1991-2015
Trooper James G. Hoopes
#5712    1972-2012
Trooper Anthony R. Fotiou
#4692    1957-2011
Trooper Marc K. Castellano
#6397    1980-2010
Trooper Bertram T. Zimmerman III
#5853    1971-2004
Trooper I Christopher S. Scales
#4575   1962-2002
Trooper Scott M. Gonzalez
#5059   1962-1997
Trooper II Francis J. Bellaran
#4429   1964-1996