Trooper Anthony R. Fotiou






Trooper Anthony R. Fotiou

Anthony R. Fotiou was born December 1, 1957 in Atlantic City.

Trooper Anthony Fotiou was a member of the 109th State Police Class and enlisted in the Division of State Police on November 19, 1987. Trooper Anthony Fotiou served at various Troop “A” Stations and various assignments within the Transportation Safety Bureau. Prior to his enlistment with the Division, Trooper Anthony Fotiou served as a sergeant in the United States Air Force, being honorable discharged in May 1985. Born in Atlantic City, he served as a sergeant in the US Air Force serving from 1980-1985. He served on the Atlantic City Beach Patrol as a Lifeguard, he was an avid swimmer and member of the Margate Crew. He graduated AC High School Class of 1977. His service with the New Jersey State Police was characterized by loyalty, fearless performance of duty and faithful and energetic devotion to the high principals of the New Jersey State Police.

He served at various Troop “A” stations and assignments in the Transportation Safety Bureau. He proudly served in the United States Air Force and held the rank of Sergeant and was discharged in May of 1985.

Trooper Fotiou died suddenly in the line of duty on March 28, 2011 while performing his duties at the Carney’s Point Scales, Carneys Point Twp, New Jersey.

Trooper Fotiou served for 24 years with the State Police and the highway Patrol combined.

He is survived by his Mother and his step Father, Marianne and Robert Greenwood, one sister Roseanne Tomporowski, and three brothers William, Antonios and Konstantine.