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Press Release on Fidel Castro Death

Upon digesting the news of his demise, we strongly urge President-elect Trump to reverse the shameful White House policy of friendship with a despotic government, allowing convicted US fugitives, most notably Joanne Chesimard, to be harbored and given safe haven in Cuba. The murderer of Trooper Werner Foerster belongs back on US soil to face justice.

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ALERT: Tourists Going to Cuba

Collectively, we, the tens of thousands of law enforcement officers in the New York and New Jersey region, and our families, implore you to use your executive powers to return U.S. fugitives home to face justice. We plan to alert tourists and visitors going to Cuba to be careful, and watch for the following dangerous individuals wanted by the FBI and local law enforcement for terrorism related crimes against U.S. citizens.

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Letter to President Obama regarding Planned Cuba visit.

Upon hearing of your planned trip to Cuba and meeting with the Castro regime dictatorship in March of 2016, I must remind you that what has been forgotten by you and your administration, is that dozens and dozens of U.S. fugitives of justice remain harbored in Cuba, given safe haven by this regime.

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Letter to PANYNJ Director and Board of Comissioners regarding flights to Cuba.

United Airlines today applauded the historic signing by representatives of the United States and Cuba governments of a formal arrangement to reinstitute air service between the two countries. United intends to apply to offer service between some of its global gateways and Havana through the Department of Transportation ‘s pending route case. Assuming service is approved, United customers will benefit from United’s expanded global route network and new opportunities for leisure and business travel to Cuba. “

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Unscrupulous Police Group Telemarketers

We continue to receive information that a number of misrepresentations, questionable practices and tactics used to solicit funds by so-called “police defense”, “police foundation” and “trooper coalition” groups are ongoing.We DO NOT solicit funds from the public, we NEVER have, we NEVER will.

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STFA’s Statement on August 7, 2015 Trenton Shooting

This office represents the unnamed trooper involved in the shooting of a 14 year old youth in Trenton, N.J. on August 7, 2015. The event took place near the intersection of Calhoun Street and Louise Lane and the youth was identified as Radazz Hearns.

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NJ State Troopers Deployed At Shore

The Christie Administration today announced that the New Jersey State Police will be deploying troopers to the barrier islands that were hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy to work with local and county agencies to ensure safety and security for those Shore communities.

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STFA’s Statement on Governor Christie’s Budget

The State Troopers Fraternal Association has had NO conversations nor has any State Police Association agreed to the Governor’s Budget proposal. There has been NO correspondence from the Governor’ s Office referring to suggested changes or proposals for our pension system. The STFA vehemently objects to any kind of pension “freeze” or inferior cafeteria style health care. Every member of the State Police have kept up on our end of “Chapter 78”.

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