Governor Christie is very angry that we will have “stupid” judges…

Governor Christie is very angry that we will have “stupid” judges…


Governor Christie is very angry that we will have “stupid” judges without immediate pay raises, and tells lies that all public employee union workers got 2% raises every year since he has been Governor. Not only is it a bald faced lie, he and his administration have fought us tooth and nail to take away as much as possible from the public workforce, drastically reducing take home pay for public workers, and rank and file state troopers. Troopers have not seen a raise in 6 years, contribute 30% of expensive health care premiums set by the State, and the Governors office demanded a 20% reduction in troopers compensation during his term. NO 2% raises here, we can tell you that as a fact! The truth is all ZERO’S across the board and wage freezes. We are not surprised by the anger, lies, and bully tactics used. His so called support for law enforcement is a farce, you can take that to the bank. 2018 can’t come soon enough to all that have had to feel and deal with the wrath of the “constituency of one” self-serving occupant of the State House. We will continue to fulfill our oath with the utmost professionalism, with honor, duty and fidelity, to the citizens of New Jersey and those visiting or traveling through our great State.

Christopher J Burgos
State Troopers Fraternal Association of NJ, Inc.

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